I write and write but still I say
It’s stuck in my body
You know what I’m talking about
It’s stuck in yours, too
Is it in your hips or thighs
Your kidneys, shoulders, or throat?
I have choked
I have coughed
I have stuffed it down
I have starved it
I have eaten so much
My body became unlovable, untouchable
But I broke free
I found my voice and
My anger is beautiful
Not to everyone, but to me
I haven’t shut up in months
My freedom is their noise

My body forgot how to dance
Or doesn’t want to
My body remembered tree pose, prayer hands, and corpse
What I almost became
Several times
But something stopped me
Because I’m supposed to live

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  1. Outstanding Danielle. You are amazing. I am sorry that you are struggling with so much pain. Never give up! Please????

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