Ode to a Canvas Catsicle Bag

I found it at a shop in Oakland

There were just a few for sale

I carry it with pride

Everyone wants one

Where did you get it, they ask

They’re all out, I say

I checked online

It’s definitely a top 5 bag I’ve had in my life

In addition to a Frida Kahlo plastic picture with sequin hairOn a handled basket I bought in Boulder almost 20 years ago

The handles scratch my shoulders

But I keep it

Always in style

Frida is on tour at the museums

As if we didn’t already know she is amazing

And how much she suffered

She said to forgive

And not to hold on to grudges, even against

Her lecherous husband whom we forgive because he could paint

Like a genius and his murals are in Rockefeller Center and San Francisco Art Insitute

I visited his home in Guanajuato, Mexico

It was small because he was very short

The catsicle bag with rainbow handles requires no deep thought

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