Danielle Woermann

Danielle Woermann

Black Belt Nia Instructor and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

Danielle has been a Nia teacher since 2002 and delights each and every time she steps onto the dance floor and experiences the Joy of Movement, whether as teacher or student. She has led over 10 international Nia retreats in many corners of the planet. When she isn’t dancing, she’s practicing yoga, hiking, volunteering, keeping bees, hula hooping, and traveling.

What Danielle’s students are saying:

“First and foremost, Danielle is a beautiful dancer. Each foot placement, angle of knee or arm extension is precise and evokes emotion in the observer. She has no need to shout directions or exhort us to move. Always perfectly prepared, Danielle shows us with her body how to sync with the rhythm and pace of the music until we too feel like beautiful dancers, moving in harmony with each other. 

I am a self confessed Danielle groupie. I took my first Nia class with her fifteen years ago and promptly signed up for a retreat to a remote area of Costa Rica. This involved a turbo prop puddle jumper, a tricky beach landing and gloriously, sweaty dance. I have enjoyed many retreats with Danielle, most recently to Italy in June 2022, and she never disappoints. I trust her implicitly, knowing that her research and planning will deliver a rich and intimate experience in a beautiful setting.”