Flower Essences

What are flower essences?


Flower essences are liquid extracts of flowers used to address many issues of emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health.  Incredibly subtle in nature, they can have profound effects.  They are prepared by a sun infusion of flowers in a bowl of water, which is further diluted and potentized and preserved with brandy.  Although they resemble other herbal remedies sold in dropper bottles, flower essences are not effective because of their chemical make-up but because of the vibrational life force derived from the plant they were made from.  This healing method uses resonance where the energetic patterns and life forces of each flower resonate with human qualities.  Not unlike listening to a piece of music or seeing a moving piece of art, flower essences resonate with or awaken particular qualities of the human soul.

Soul issues we may work on range from abandonment and depression to spiritual emergence and work and career goals.  There are flower essences for pets and houseplants.  Flower essences will not have an adverse effect on you.  If the flowers don’t resonate with you, they simply won’t work.

How would I use them?

Bleeding Heart

Flower essences are typically taken orally from a dropper.  You can put the drops in water and drink throughout the day or you can dilute them in a dropper bottle with water and brandy (as a preservative) and take 4 drops per day.  You can also put flowers essences directly on your skin or in bath water or in a creme applied to the skin.




Introductory Offer:

$45 for intake session (approximately 1 hour) and 2 bottles of essences, good for 2 months. Please contact me info@floramotion.net or by phone 510-385-8858.