Why I write

I write because my silence is painful.

I write because truth is better than lies.

I write because there is so much love

I write because I am dead inside when I don’t

I am telling everyone what I see and feel

I write because I am funny

Because I am sad

Because I am observant

Because I am clever

Because I am intelligent

Because I noticed that the turkeys who live at the park like sunflower seeds

I write because the beauty of the rose garden is too amazing not to write about.

I write because I can’t believe how beautiful life is

I write because I am not sure who will tell the story of the homeless couple under the freeway

I write because the stories are endless

I write because I do not want to speak all the time

I write because Nature is so beautiful it is painful

I write because I saw a Great Horned Owl when I was a child and it was magnificent

I write because I am so fortunate to be alive and see the stories

I write because it sorts things out

I write because there is both light and darkness in our world

I write because a higher being watches over me

I write because there is a heap of plastic in the ocean.

I write because all of these things are my truth

I write because Love is All We Need.

I write because my words, just like my dance, won’t be shown if I silence them

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  Last year I had the great fortune of attending a Flower Essence training in Nevada City, California. Nevada City is a few hours east of San Francisco in the Gold Country on the way to the Sierras and Lake Tahoe. The training occurred on a delightful property called Terra Flora about 3 miles awayContinue Reading

On behalf of all sexual assault survivors, I am deeply offended. I get that Hillary Clinton was not a good enough candidate, that the middle class is angry and tired of the status quo, that they demand change and somehow saw the straight talking billionaire talk show host as that glimmer of hope. Obama failedContinue Reading

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Durian: the King of Fruits   Often after having written and published a blog, I have no idea what to write about for the next one. No idea. Luckily, I am reading a very good book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert where she talks about inspiration to be an artist and having no fear.Continue Reading

I basically stopped sleeping through the night sometime in 2001. It has been 15 years or approximately 5,475 nights. I couldn’t say exactly but I would guess I have not slept through the night about 60% of them, which brings me to a total of 3,285 nights of some kind of sleep interruption. I amContinue Reading

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Re-entry = hell.  No, living hell. The first 3 weeks I was back from Shanghai, I had a ball. Nothing could have bothered me. I was home and was I ever home. I was home with a vengeance. Family, Mexican food, barbecues, wine, Whole Foods Market, sunshine, driving, radio, cats, our house, garden, friends, bocceContinue Reading