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After returning home from living in China for one and a half years, something we remembered we can get consistently here which we did frequently in the Middle Kingdom are good, inexpensive massages. Not only is the price right ($25 for one hour foot massage or $45 for a one hour table massage) but theContinue Reading

  What a long, strange trip it’s been! Bob and I just moved out of the apartment where we have have been living for exactly 19 months. Exactly! January 26, 2014 to August 26th, 2015. We stood in the floor to ceiling windows and said goodbye to our view, to the fun, the parties weContinue Reading

Pictures which would not upload to last post. Taken in Shanghai Old Town, 4th February 2015, especially for Jody. I have quite a few more which I will share at another time. Due to incredibly slow internet, I can’t upload any more. Those of you on Facebook, please check my page for complete photo albumContinue Reading

I get a lot of sympathy from my friends at home. “Oh I hope you can come home soon.” “Oh that sucks that the air is so bad, hopefully you won’t have to stay too long.” Not everyone gets it. We love it here. I love it here. My life is rich and full andContinue Reading

Time lapse video of Shanghai A taitai is a housewife. You might remember I blogged ages ago that China has the 4 Ss: Shouting, Spitting, Smoking and Shoving.  I am amused by the shouting the most perhaps. People either walk or stand around absolutely shouting at each other as if they are not next toContinue Reading

Please subscribe to my blog (on the right) Pu Jersey In Shanghai, the Huangpu River runs right through the city dividing it into the Western District (Puxi) and the Eastern District (Pudong). We live in Pudong also known as Pu Jersey. I was quite distressed when I heard this term but then upon further thought,Continue Reading

PLEASE — Feel free to subscribe yourselves! Little form is to the right. Take care. xo Danielle I am pondering responses to my blog. Really? Am I making it sound that bad? Don’t let some spitting and public peeing damper your day. I don’t. China is a must-visit. It has Pandas! Terra Cotta Soldiers! TheContinue Reading

Driving Mrs Robert I already wrote a Facebook status about my conflicted feelings around returning to China after my 22 day visit to Portland and San Francisco which I took so soon after moving to China.  I think I am confused.  Here is my post: Pros and cons mutterings on this extra rainy day asContinue Reading

Blog 2/6/14 In flight Shanghai to San Francisco 5:50am local time. Since I last blogged about Bob’s escapades walking on the river in shorts, we have had little in the way of cultural mishaps and we are feeling quite good about that.  Yesterday, before leaving for SF, I finally did make it over to PuxiContinue Reading

I am aware that the Subscription function is not working here and will get that fixed.  Thanks for reading. Blog Feb 2, 14 Monday afternoon, we flew to Taiwan for one night.  Bob had a meeting there and his team invited us out to dinner.  This is where I saw the largest crab I haveContinue Reading